Damir Doma

Paris: Backstage Damir Doma stated, “It’s about finding a new perspective for my work, getting away from my comfort zone.” The result was a marriage of the designer’s signature silhouettes — tapered volume and easy layers — with classic menswear items like moto jackets and three-button suits. The presence of silky, pajama-like sets, stand collar jackets, sheer shirts and carrot pants maintained the monastic feel Doma has become known for, while unexpectedly bold color evolved his usual black and white palette. Leather piecing, circle sunglasses and open-toe slides combined to create a tough yet relaxed feel.  —Anna Jane Davis

Silhouette: Tailored + Baggy

Color:  Black / White / Charcoal / Deep Red / Burgundy / Olive / Navy Blue

Key Items: Sheer button-down shirt / Leather shorts / Pleated pajama pants / Stand collar jacket

Materials: A range of silks / Openwork knits / Ultra-light denim / Cotton wovens — structured or sheer / Leather

Print + Pattern: Color-blocking / Pajama stripes

Detail + Trim: Patchwork / Utility details / Stand collars / Mixed material piecing

Accessories + Footwear: Circle sunnies / Neckerchiefs / Open-toe slides


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