Levi’s® x HYPEBEAST Denim Canvas Project

Hypebeast X Levi's denim canvas project aims to intersect two unique creatives each with an unwavering passion, whether it be fashion, art or design. Having never met before, the guys at Levi's have asked two creative talents to engage in a lively collaboration to customize an iconic Levi's piece in this unique project in association with Hypebeast. Their first pairing is with artist ...
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Madrid Denim S/S 14 Runway Highlights

While the dust may have settled over the major international Fashion Weeks, we turn our attention to some of the smaller cities. Today we look to the Madrid runway shows which delivered a number of denim heavy collections that showcased some directional indigo themes. Juanjo Oliva One of Madrid's most recognised designers, Juanjo Oliva created a ladylike and formal dress sense for ...
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Stylesight Denim: Okayama & Kojima Travel Guide Just Released!

The Stylesight Denim Team is pretty excited to announce a brand new, first-of-its-kind, exclusive travel guide that went live on the site yesterday. It's been over two years since we first set off for the indigo Mecca of Okayama and it's neighboring town of Kojima, and became spellbound with the range of denim inspiration: its home to the legendary Betty ...
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Edwin opens their first store in France

Last week (November 2nd) Edwin Europe celebrated the opening of their first flagship store in Paris' city centre.   After the store opening in London in 2012, Edwin continues to expand its standalone retail portfolio with its second brick and mortar opening in the 11ème Arrondissement, Paris' central shopping district. Like the debut East London location, the Edwin team looked to a local design talent to create the ...
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Stylesight Presents an Exclusive Film with Dawson Denim

Earlier this year on a bright summer's day the Stylesight denim team headed down Brighton to catch up with the good folks at Dawson Denim to shoot this exclusive film on the brand. By now many of our readers will be familiar with Dawson Denim, one of Britain's finest domestic denim and workwear brands. Brainchild of Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden, Dawson ...
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Levi’s Red Archive at LN-CC

Continuing their slew of ongoing "archive series", concept retailer LN-CC launches Levi's RED, with a selection of rare pieces from the debut 1999 collection.  Known for their progressive concepts, East London-based retailer LN-CC gear up for the launch of the first Levi's RED collection to be released in seven years, with the re-release of the 1999 'Twisted RED' archive collection. For readers that are unfamiliar with the ...
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Inazuma Festival 2013

Last weekend the Stylesight denim team headed once again to Lightning Magazine's annual Inazuma Festival to soak up the street style and bargain grabs from the fair. Most workwear and vintage enthusiast' will be aware of Lightning Magazine's niche yet hugely popular festival Inazuma, a two day festival that takes place on the outskirts of Tokyo. The event started eight years ...
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Nicola Formichetti Diesel Debut Collection: Diesel Tribute

SHOWstudio teams with Diesel and Nicola Formichetti on the campaign for #DIESELTRIBUTE, Formichetti’s first collection since joining the brand and a handmade homage to the archives of Diesel’s 35 year history. Over the past month, it has been impossible to avoid Diesel's presence on the Internet and social media as the Italian denim giant initiates its brand re-imagining: #DIESELREBOOT. The debut ...
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Tenue de Nîmes Present The Denim Dictionary

Earlier last month, Amsterdam's finest denim store Tenue de Nîmes released the latest instalment of its publication series “Nouvelle de Nîmes” with a special Denim Dictionary edition. Denim enthusiasts will be happy to hear about the launch of the first ever printed denim dictionary. A must-have for the denim novice and seasoned denim-head alike, the Denim Dictionary captures all the denim terminology any jeans enthusiast ...
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Ornamental Conifer paints the Edwin Surplus Store

As previously blogged about on DDD, Edwin-Europe continues to roll out its series of short films documenting individuals from all walks of life in their preferred Edwin cut. We're big fans of Nico "The Ornamental Conifer" here at Stylesight. We previously worked with the traditional sign painter back in February last year where we collaborated on an exclusive shoot of hand-painted denims ...
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Han Kjøbenhavn For Pendelton Woolen Mills Indigo Collection

Copenhagen’s Han Kjøbenhavn launches their debut co-brand collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills with a two-piece collection of indigo-dyed pieces. Earlier this year Danish brand Han Kjøbenhavn opened their first flag ship store in NYC nestled nicely in the denim heavy Soho district. Since then we've had our eye on this Scandinavian denim brand who say they take design influence from clean Danish aesthetic and rowdy workmen. Their ...
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Shibori An Ancient Japanese Dye Technique

Shibori is known to be one of the oldest Indigo dying techniques in Japan, most popular in the early Edo period when lower class people where forbidden from wearing silk. We've been seeing beautiful Japanese textiles emerging in the denim world in recent months and have already covered Sashiko and boro techniques infiltrating the western market. After also reading the amazing Indigo, The Color That Changed The ...
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“Indigo: The Color that Changed the World” Book

Catherine Legrand releases Indigo: The Color that Changed the World, a must-have book that traces the history and use of indigo throughout the world. While indigo's existence in textiles has been around for centuries, its presence and appreciation in modern fashion has been notably growing as of late. A heady mix between violet and blue, indigo's mesmerising, striking and much loved beauty has ...
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Introducing: orSlow

Presenting the antithesis of a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry, Japanese label orSlow looks to careful craft and a considered design approach to stand out in todays denim market. While Stylesight's denim team has been a fan of orSlow since its earliest days, we wanted to introduce the Japanese brand to our wider audience. Brainchild of founder and designer Ichiro ...
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Insa x Evisu: The Extreme Daicock Jean

We love Graffiti artist, INSA's style and have been following his work for nearly 10 years now. This year he created L.A.'s biggest mural in the Downtown arts district, a live street art piece in Columbia, created limited edition women's streetwear pieces with Makers LDN and even designer his own beer bottle for the Warsteiner Art Collection. But his latest collaboration with ...
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